pickleDB is a lightweight and simple key-value store. It is built upon Python's json module and was inspired by redis. It is licensed with the BSD three-clause license.

pickleDB is Fun

>>> import pickledb

>>> db = pickledb.load('example.db', False)

>>> db.set('key', 'value')

>>> db.get('key')

>>> db.dump()

And Easy to Install

$ pip install pickledb

More Information

You can view all of pickleDB's commands and what they do here.

pickleDB was written by Harrison Erd. If you would like to file an issue report or fork the project, check out the Github project page. You can also take a look at pickleDB on PyPI.

pickleDB got its name from Python's "pickle" module, which it previously used. However, now pickleDB uses the "json" module. It is faster and cleaner. But the name stuck!

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