Current Commands

LOAD path auto_dump → Load a database from a path with auto_dump enabled or not (available since 0.1)

SET key value → Set the value of a str key (available since 0.1)

GET key → Get the value of a key (available since 0.1)

GETALL → Return a list of all keys in database (available since 0.4)

REM key → Delete a key (available since 0.1)

APPEND key more → Add more to a key's value (available since 0.1.3)

EXISTS key → Determine if a key exists (available since 0.7.2)

TOTALKEYS name → Get the total number of keys in whole database or in a specified (name) dict or list (available since 0.7.3)

LCREATE name → Create a list with str name (available since 0.1)

LADD name value → Add a value to a list (available since 0.1)

LGETALL name → Return all values in a list (available since 0.1)

LEXTEND name seq → Extend a list with a sequence (available since 0.6)

LGET name pos → Return one value in a list (available since 0.1)

LRANGE name start end → Return all the values from a given range in a list

LREMLIST name → Remove a list and all of its values (available since 0.1)

LREMVALUE name value → Remove a value from list name (available since 0.8.2)

LPOP name pos → Remove one value in a list (available since 0.1)

LLEN name → Return the length of a list (available since 0.6)

LAPPEND name pos more → Add more to a value in a list (available since 0.1.3)

LEXISTS name value → Determine if a value is in a certain list (available since 0.7.2)

DCREATE name → Create a dict with str name (available since 0.2.2)

DADD name pair → Add a key-value pair to a dict, pair is a tuple (available since 0.2.2)

DGETALL name → Return all key-value pairs from a dict (available since 0.2.2)

DGET name key → Return the value for a key in a dict (available since 0.2.2)

DKEYS name → Return all the keys for a dict (available since 0.6)

DVALS name → Return all the values for a dict (available) since 0.6)

DEXISTS name key → Determine if a key exists (available since 0.6)

DREM name → Remove a dict and all of its pairs (available since 0.2.2)

DPOP name key → Remove one key-value in a dict (available since 0.2.2)

DMERGE name1 name2 name3 → Merge name1 and name2 into a new dict: name3 (available since 0.7.3)

DELDB → Delete everything from the database (available since 0.2.1)

DUMP → Save the database from memory to a file specified in LOAD (available since 0.3)


If you would like to suggest a command, you can create an issue on GitHub.